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Travelling Kelowna on a Budget: Tips from Kelowna Hotel

Travelling Kelowna on a Budget: Tips from Kelowna Hotel

Worried about travelling Kelowna on a budget? You’re in luck; with gorgeous Summer weather, plenty of beaches and tons of hiking trails, there will always be something free to do in this beautiful city.

Just bring some good walking (or hiking) shoes, a towel, flip-flops, bathing suit, sunscreen and a water bottle (to keep hydrated) and you’ll be set. Aside from accommodation and transportation costs, you can enjoy Kelowna without having to spend a ton of money.

Travelling Kelowna on a budget is easy, and, you’ll still be guaranteed a great vacation. Below are some budget-friendly (and mostly free) Kelowna attractions!

First Stop: The Kelowna Visitor Centre

The Kelowna Visitor Info Centre is located downtown, at 238 Queensway. The centre is open every day from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. Whether you’re travelling Kelowna on a budget or not, the Visitor Centre staff will help you plan your perfect Okanagan holiday. They’re happy to provide you with maps, detailed directions and the latest information on attractions and events. You’ll find a large selection of free tourist services and attractions brochures to choose from as well.

Kelowna beach with overhanging trees and mountains travelling Kelowna on a budget

Kelowna Beaches to Cool off at

When you first arrive in Kelowna, it’s likely you’ll want to have a quick dip in the lake to cool off! Most of Kelowna’s parks feature sandy beaches and several have watersport rentals available (if you’re willing to splurge). You can stay all day, and since many of the beaches and parks are close together, make a day out of it and go beach-hopping! Or stay all day and relax. Build a sandcastle or go for a walk. The parks and beaches around Kelowna are scenic, so don’t forget your cameras!

With over 30 beaches it may be hard to choose, but here are the top 7 beaches (in our opinion):

Kelowna Art Galleries

Kelowna’s thriving arts scene includes many lively artist studios and stunning art galleries. Take in the colours and brush strokes on vibrant canvases in Kelowna’s galleries and meet artists at work in their studio environments. It’s an inspirational side of Kelowna that is sure to liven up your getaway. Below are some art galleries you’ll enjoy visiting during your stay in Kelowna.

Knox Mountain Apex trail overlooking City of Kelowna travelling Kelowna on a budget

Hiking Trails in Kelowna

Love hiking or walking in the great outdoors? Hit the trails and enjoy some Kelowna scenery. The trails and parks below range in level from easy to difficult and are perfect if you’re travelling Kelowna on a budget; these hiking trails are in town (so doesn’t require a costly cab ride or city transit excursion), yet you’re able to experience the serenity and beauty of nature.

For more hiking trails, click here.

Kelowna Museums

Find out why Kelowna is one of the nation’s most enchanting cities by taking a tour through Kelowna’s rich and diverse history. Try on some military costumes at the Okanagan Military Museum or learn more about the Okanagan Valley pre-settlement. Below are some great places to learn about Kelowna’s history:

Free Live Entertainment in Kelowna

From lakeside events to art shows to major concerts and exciting activities, Parks Alive hosts a variety of events throughout the Summer. So splurge on some local ice cream, find yourself a patch of grass to sit on, and chill to some local live music (while it’s still hot and sunny out at 9 pm!).

Click here to check out upcoming Parks Alive events and locations!

girl in red skirt in lavender field travelling Kelowna on a budget

Other Budget-Friendly Attractions in Kelowna

Free Guided or Self-Guided Tours of Kelowna’s Cultural District

The guided walking tours run from July 7 to Aug. 27, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Residents and visitors are invited to follow a two-kilometre route that begins and ends at the Laurel Packinghouse, located at the corner of Ellis Street and Cawston Avenue. Points of interest along the route include public art installations, Kasugai Gardens and cultural venues such as the Kelowna Art Gallery and the Kelowna Community Theatre. Registration is not required and all tours are free.

If you’re not in Kelowna during a designated guided tour time, you can do a self-guided tour with the help of this self-guided cultural district walking tour brochure map here.

Kelowna Lavender Shop & Farm

Enjoy a sample of tea and a stunning view of the valley as you discover Kelowna Lavender Farm’s unique, handmade products, produced on-site. Smell their small-batch distilled essential oils and hydrosols or blend your own custom hydrosol spray at their Aromatherapy bar. Step outside the shop and discover the farm’s interactive displays and all the plants and herbs are grown on the farm.

Arlo’s Honey Farm

Want to see bees creating honey (from a safe distance)? Head to Kelowna Arlo’s Honey Farm! They also have a Gift Shop that offers free honey sample tastings and sells honey products and natural/honey-based skincare products.

Kelowna’s City Transit Schedule

If you’re travelling Kelowna on a budget, taking the Kelowna city bus is a great option. There are many times and routes to choose from and the main bus hub is located Downtown Kelowna where there’s a plethora of beaches, parks, and restaurants. You can see the city transit schedule here.

The city transit routes also run by many Kelowna hotels.

exterior of Kanata Inns Kelowna travelling Kelowna on a budget

Travelling Kelowna on a Budget? The Best Option for Your Next Kelowna Accommodation—Kanata Inns

If you’re travelling Kelowna on a budget, but still want a high-quality accommodation experience, Kanata Kelowna is the perfect option for you and your family. The Kanata Conference Centre and Hotel in Kelowna are conveniently located minutes from downtown Kelowna and the Kelowna International Airport. Some featured amenities include a hot tub, pool, and waterslides. We also have a fitness centre, guest laundry facilities and provide our guests with a Great Canadian Breakfast, serviced fresh every morning.

Travelling Kelowna on a budget but want high-quality accommodation service? Contact our “Eh” Team today to book your room!