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Weekend Itinerary for Guests Visiting Blairmore

Weekend Itinerary for Guests Visiting Blairmore

Nestled in the Crowsnest Pass in the Rocky Mountains is the community of Blairmore. Originally established as a Canadian Pacific Railway, this beautiful community has a long history and boasts lots of fun activities to do year-round. From hiking the surrounding mountains in the summer to hitting the slopes in the winter, Blairmore offers no shortage of great activities that will keep your weekend itinerary jam-packed. Far from the bustling crowds of Banff and Jasper, Blairmore is a great location to visit if you want to get outside and explore the great outdoors without having to worry about long lines and busy traffic.

If you’re looking for some fun activities to add to your weekend itinerary for your visit to Blairmore, we’ve put together a list of some of the top activities that will be fun for the entire family!

Man mountain biking in the mountains at sunset

Go Mountain Biking

For those who want to get outside and explore the beautiful landscape surrounding Blairmore but want a bit of a thrill, mountain biking is definitely something to add to your itinerary! The Crowsnest Pass boasts extensive trails throughout the community, including the Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill. With so many trails to choose from, you are guaranteed to have a great time! If you’re new to the area or are new to mountain biking, then you might benefit from a guided experience. Sweet Riders offers tours and lessons to people of all ages and abilities, and are run by an internationally recognized mountain biker!

Woman hiking in the woods

Take a Hike

If you’re keen to explore the great outdoors without the rush of adrenaline, then hiking might be a better addition to your itinerary. The Crowsnest Pass boasts numerous hiking trails, including the Frank Slide Trail which begins and ends at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, and the North York Creek Plane Crash Trail, which is a 12-kilometre loop that takes you to the site of an actual plane crash. Whether you’re an experienced hiker looking for a challenge or are a beginner looking to just get out and explore everything Blairmore has to offer, hiking is a great way to see the sights and enjoy nature!

Group of friends enjoying breakfast

Stop For a Bite to Eat

You can’t have the energy for exciting outdoor adventures without stopping for a bite to eat first! Blairmore and the other surrounding communities boast several dining spots, whether you’re looking for breakfast to start your day or dinner to finish it off. The Cherry on Top Bakery and Koffie Shop in Blairmore is a bakery that offers everything from a fresh cup of coffee to unforgettable pastries. Known for its drink features, breakfast crepes, and soups and sandwiches, this is a great place to stop if you’re looking for a yummy breakfast and for some snacks to take with you on the road. For a delicious dinner, head over to Coleman to visit the Limber Pine Smokehouse & Taberna. They offer seasonal menus and specialize in smoked meats such as pulled pork, smoked brisket, ribs and chicken.

Whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat before a busy day of hiking, or you’re looking to wind down with a great meal and a cold drink after an afternoon spent mountain biking, Blairmore and the Crowsnest Pass offer lots of great activities that are sure to have your weekend itinerary jam-packed and will leave you wanting to come back for more.



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