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Unforgettable Kelowna Itinerary Ideas for Guests This Summer

Unforgettable Kelowna Itinerary Ideas for Guests This Summer

Being BC’s largest city in the interior, Kelowna offers more than its fair share of excellent places to visit. In fact, if you’re searching for unique Kelowna itinerary ideas for guests there are plenty to choose from to make your guest’s time in Kelowna that much more memorable.

Kelowna Itinerary Ideas for Guests: Barbeque on the Lake… Literally

You can’t exactly bring your favourite grill onto your boat for obvious fire reasons, but you can get your grill on with a boat that has it built-in. Maegs Barbeque Boats offers self-contained electric boats with a built-in grill. You have the option of bringing your own food to barbeque or you can choose from their excellent selection available to add onto your trip as you trundle along Okanagan Lake.

The boats themselves can hold up to 10 people total and can be captained by their staff or yourself!

Experience a Bit of Australia

If you don’t want to take an extra-long flight or experience all the lovely critters of your nightmares that Australia offers, there’s a much safer alternative in Kelowna.

Kangaroo Creek Farm has a variety of exotic and domestic animals that you can see (plus some you can pet). Some of the notable wildlife include red kangaroos, dama wallabies, albino bennet wallabies, and common wallaroos.

And no, this isn’t some kind of exotic farm where all the animals barely have enough space to live and were taken from Australia. Nor is this an exotic meat farm either where animals are raised to be killed. All the cute critters here are rescues (many from New Zealand) that the family-run business has a vested interest in taking care of so that all the animals live happy, healthy lives for as long as possible. We especially recommend checking this one out if your guests have kids who love animals.

Myra canyon trestles in Kelowna to ride on

Cycle Along an Old Railway

Although the trains and tracks are long gone, the trail remains of the Kettle Valley Railway. While it extends into town as the Okanagan Rail Trail, you can get the most historical experience by biking or walking along the Myra Canyon Trestles. The numerous and historic trestles have been maintained and offer some of the best views across the area.

Zoom through the tunnels on your bike, or simply take the opportunity to get the best photos for your social media by snapping pics of the gorgeous area.

View the Okanagan From Above

Finally (or firstly, depending on your itinerary) you can see the sprawling beauty of the Okanagan by boarding a floatplane and flying high in the sky. Everyone onboard has a window seat so you’re never missing out on any of the views. It’s the perfect way to show a visiting guest the true splendour of the Okanagan.

Of course, these are just a few of the most unique things Kelowna offers to make your time here one you won’t forget. Many more memories can be made exploring the area and discovering many of the hidden gems the city offers.



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