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Key Kelowna Sightseeing Tips for Travelling With Your Dog

Key Kelowna Sightseeing Tips for Travelling With Your Dog

When you’re in Kelowna sightseeing, it’s likely you’ll want to bring your dog along with you if you can. Your dog is a part of your family and you don’t have to worry about setting up a pet-sitter that may not know the idiosyncrasies of your pet’s needs (or dealing with their picky food requirements).

Here are some of the best dog-friendly activities you can enjoy with your furry friend in Kelowna.

Head to the Golf Course When You’re in Kelowna Sightseeing

Kelowna offers a massive selection of golf courses to test your skills on and your dog can join you too. It might sound strange, but you can absolutely golf alongside your dog in some golf courses in the Okanagan. For instance, Predator Ridge Golf Course lets you rage when your golf ball stops just before the hole with your dog by your side as long as they are on a leash at all times.

Go Wine Tasting or Just Visit the Wineries

Some of Kelowna’s (and the Okanagan’s as a whole) most popular tourist attractions are the many wineries dotting the area. You’ll be happy to hear that many of them allow your puppy to come with you, however, there are some restrictions that you’ll need to follow depending on the winery.

For instance:

  • CedarCreek Estate Winery allows on-leash dogs in some designated areas of their vineyard.
  • Quails Gate Winery permits dogs that are small enough to carry in their shop, and all dogs on-leash everywhere else.
  • Arrowleaf Cellars welcomes all dogs in their picnic area as well as outside their tasting room.

Dog in Kelowna dog park

Give Your Dog the Opportunity to Make Friends

Like people, dogs enjoy the ability to have a space to stretch their legs and make new friends. Kelowna has a massive amount of dog-friendly areas for them to do that in addition to dedicated dog parks to let them fully off-leash.

One of the most popular options for off-leash parks includes Cedar Creek Dog Beach which gives your dog the ability to jump in the water and enjoy swimming to their heart’s content.

Another popular choice is Knox Mountain Park which is often frequented by a large number of dogs giving them the opportunity to make plenty of new friends (and to pet even more dogs yourself!).

Explore Kelowna Restaurants… With Patios

Clearly, Kelowna is a fairly dog-friendly city and that only continues with the many restaurants in the area. Not all of them are dog-friendly, but more than you’d expect actually are. Most often, you’ll be about to let your dog enjoy the sun with you as long as the restaurant has a patio. Antico Pizza Napoletana and FSH are both great examples of dog-friendly restaurants.

Although not every place you go in Kelowna is dog-friendly, you can definitely enjoy your time sightseeing with your dog by your side in many interesting and fun places.



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