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Essential Kelowna Tips for Travelling During the Winter

Essential Kelowna Tips for Travelling During the Winter

Travelling during a pandemic can be hard enough right now without also dealing with being prepared enough for winter. Luckily, we’ve put together a simple guide with some key Kelowna tips for being prepared for COVID-safe travel. Plus, we added a few things you should bring to ensure you stay warm despite the cold bite of winter.

Kelowna Tips for Touchless Flight Boarding

Airports tend to be some of the most crowded locations with people coming and going which often makes them hotspots for people getting sick. To minimize contact as much as possible try and pre-print your boarding pass before your flight so you can board fast and skip some of the lines.

In some cases, your airline may even have an app you can add to your phone for touchless boarding to minimize contact even further.

Mask up to Protect Yourself and Others

As a new addition to most travel, masks are an important addition to any suitcase. Flights now require you to wear them to protect yourself and other passengers.

We recommend taking reusable masks and enough for using at least one each day plus several extras in case your travel is delayed.

Winter coats perfect for travel hug up on coat rack

Purchase/Take a Good Winter Jacket

Depending on where you go in Canada, winter can mean bitingly cold dry winds or damp cold that you feel in your bones when the season is at its worst. Equip or invest in a good winter jacket that can keep you warm and comfortable no matter the cold.

Hand Sanitizer with the Proper Percentage of Alcohol

Like many different products, not all hand sanitizer is created equal. In order to effectively protect against the coronavirus, purchase hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol content or higher.

Just make sure that the bottle you take is 100mL or less so you can take it on your flight or bring a bigger bottle with you and make it easily accessible in your suitcase if you’re driving.

A Comfortable, Warm Toque

Depending on your winter coat, a simple hood may not be enough to help you stay warm. We recommend investing in a comfortable toque to keep both your head and ears warm. Plus, you can choose whatever fun style you like to further complement your winter attire.

In addition to the above list, warm comfy gloves, chapstick, and moisturizing lotion are all good ideas to bring with you on your next vacation. On the tech side, having a portable power bank is also a good idea to bring so that your phone or tablet doesn’t die when you need them.



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