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Budget-Friendly Things to do in Blairmore

Budget-Friendly Things to do in Blairmore

Blairmore is a small community nestled in the Rocky Mountains of southwestern Alberta. Belonging to the municipality of Crowsnest Past which is made up of Blairmore and four other small towns, the area has a rich history surrounding the railroad and mining industries. While the community may be small, the rugged landscape and unique surroundings provide lots of great opportunities to explore the great outdoors. If you’re planning to visit Blairmore and are travelling on a budget, you are sure to find lots of great activities to keep you busy that won’t break the bank.

We’ve highlighted some of the best budget-friendly things to do if you’re travelling to Blairmore on a budget!

Underground mine tour

Tour The Bellevue Underground Mine

Blairmore is known for its mining history, so visiting the Bellevue Underground Mine is a great budget-friendly activity to check out next time you visit. Rich coal deposits were found at the Bellevue Mine site in 1903 which sparked the start of a very successful mining operation. Between 1903 and 1961, Bellevue Mine produced over 13 million tons of coal. The Bellevue Underground Mine Tour operates and maintains over 300 metres of restored tunnel at the entrance to the mine and provides visitors with a unique and historically authentic underground coal mine tour.

The Bellevue Underground Mine is open during the summer months and the tour takes approximately 1 hour. You will get to explore the inner workings of the mine while learning about the rich history of one of Canada’s underground coal mines.

Frank Slide rockslide

Visit Frank Slide

If you travel just 3 kilometres east of Blairmore, you will come across the community of Frank, Alberta. This little mining town is most notably known for the Frank Slide, a devastating rockslide that buried part of the town in 1903. To date, Frank Slide is still considered one of Canada’s deadliest rockslides. The site of the disaster has remained nearly unchanged since the slide and is now home to the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre.

Visiting Frank Slide is a great way to explore more of the history of the Crowsnest Pass and is a budget-friendly activity that is designed to tell the story of coal mining and resource extraction in Alberta. The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre also serves as an orientation center to the history of the Crowsnest Pass.

Girls hiking in the Crowsnest Pass

Hike the Crowsnest Pass Area

Crowsnest Pass is known for its stunning landscape which makes it the perfect place to get outside and explore. There are lots of different trails to choose from, with the hike to the top of Turtle Mountain being extremely popular. From the top, you can get a bird’s eye view of where the Frank Slide started. The Window Pass hike will take you to a beautiful mountain lake with wildflowers that will really give you a taste of the beauty that the Rocky Mountains hold. Not only are there lots of different hikes and trails to choose from, but they also won’t cost you a dime, making them a great budget-friendly activity!

Whether you’re visiting Blairmore to learn about the area’s rich history or looking to get outside and explore the gorgeous Crowsnest Pass, there are endless opportunities when it comes to budget-friendly activities. The community of Blairmore may be small but it packs a big punch and will leave you wanting to come back for more!



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