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Whitecourt Pet Friendly Hotels and Adventures

Whitecourt Pet Friendly Hotels and Adventures

If you’re travelling to Whitecourt, AB with your dog in the next few months, you’ll be relieved to know that not only is Whitecourt beautiful and interesting all year-round, but you’ll have easy access to a top-notch Whitecourt pet friendly hotel.

From scenic mountain views, expansive hiking trails and great local eats, Whitecourt should be on your bucket list of places to vacation in—especially with your dog. Whitecourt is a pet friendly town that has the potential for many lasting memories to be made with your furry loyal companion. Imagine running alongside your pooch by the Athabasca River, the smell of fresh pine, and the sound of crunchy gravel and bark beneath your trail running shoes. Pure bliss.

The natural terrain and scenery of Whitecourt are spectacular and with your canine bouncing alongside next to you, you get to experience it not only through your own eyes but through their eyes as well.

And, if your dog isn’t an outdoor dog, he or she can lounge comfortably in his or her choice of Whitecourt pet friendly hotels. How do they choose? Let your dog sit beside you while you search pet-friendly hotels in Whitecourt Alberta on your laptop. Listen closely and lean in; you may hear them whisper “Kanata”.

woman exercising with her dog in the woods Whitecourt pet friendly hotelsWhy You Should Bring Your Dog Travelling

You know your dog better than anyone else—and he or she knows you.  Travelling with your dog is just plain better than travelling alone.

And, if travelling alone isn’t an issue, bringing your dog along saves you and your family the trouble of trying to book doggy daycare or find dog-sitters. You also won’t be constantly worried about your 13-year old dog’s breathing issue or whether or not Brutus is leaving accidents all over your neighbours’ carpet (your neighbours “Kenny” and “Gail” who reluctantly said “yes” to dog-siting).

Throughout the year, many tourists bring their pets with them to Whitecourt, AB. How do we know? Kanata is one of the best pet friendly hotels in Whitecourt Alberta and so we often see furry critters (that aren’t bears or squirrels) come to the reception with their beloved owners.

Now that you know where to stay during your vacation in Whitecourt, time to plan your road trip!

How to Prepare Your Dog for Travelling

Before emBARKing on a road trip with your dog, we suggest getting your dog checked by your vet to ensure they’re up to date on vaccinations. You may also want to check with your vet about getting your pet microchipped to ensure you’ll be able to find them in the event you’re separated.

Lastly, you’ll want to do some research on how to treat dog car sickness, and/or dog allergies to make sure you’re prepared for anything. Also, because your dog will likely be excited/nervous to vacation at some amazing Whitecourt pet friendly hotels, they may experience some anxiety and a few accidents along the way; avoid any unexpected mess and foul odours by bringing doggy bags, a towel for your dog to sit on, and some air freshener.

dog and woman exploring mountain and lake area Whitecourt pet friendly hotels Pet Friendly Activities in Whitecourt

If you’re exploring Whitecourt AB, there are many great hiking trails, parks and things to do with your pet to make it an unforgettable adventure.

One of the most popular parks in the area is Rotary Park. On the north-east boundary of Rotary Park, you’ll find a fenced, off-leash dog park where your pet can enjoy running free and socializing with other dogs. Dogs are allowed in the other areas of Rotary park on a leash.

The area also boasts a variety of hiking trails, from 3km to 30km trails. Grab your pet and explore the beauty of the Woodlands County together. From glimpses of wildlife to the stunning forests and mountain views, exploring Whitecourt’s hiking trails will be a trip neither of you will ever forget.

Post Activities: R & R at Kanata Inns, One of the Best Whitecourt Pet Friendly Hotels out There

After a day of hiking and socializing with other dogs (and dog owners), it’s time to rest and relax at your Whitecourt hotel.

Aside from travelling and adventuring with your pet, one of the biggest struggles pet owners find when travelling with their four-legged companions is finding pet friendly hotels in Whitecourt Alberta. However, we’ve got you covered at The Kanata.

Our pet friendly hotel in Whitecourt Alberta has everything you and your pet will need for a comfortable, unforgettable stay. Our rooms come equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, and a 46” flat-screen TV so you and your pets can kick back, relax and enjoy the great Canadian inndoors.

Parking is always free, and Edmonton is only a 2-hour drive away. We’re located less than 1 minute from HWY 43 and would be happy to provide directions to local attractions in the Whitecourt area.

We suggest booking your stay with your pet as far in advance as possible as pet friendly rooms are limited and only available while quantities last. We hope you and your pet have an unforgettable road trip this summer and hope to see you soon!

Ready to book a pet friendly room at Kanata Inns Whitecourt? Connect with our “Eh” team today!